Human body is most complex system on this planet. Many factors like our food, changes in atmosphere, pollution in our environment, precipitate disease causing toxins in the body. Having many complex internal reactions and procedures body itself will expel the foreign, unwanted and disease causing toxins to stay healthy. In spite of these mechanisms, some toxins remain in the body. After getting accumulated these will cause disease. To expel them from the body we need this detoxification.

Detoxifying the body is making the body disease free and also expelling the disease causing toxins from the body. After analyzing the body type, aggravated doshas, person’s present condition and climatic condition physician will advise the treatment procedures. These therapies may last from 1 week to 4 weeks.

Traditionally this can be achieved with five purification methods is popularly known as panchakarma. These includes

  • vamana (emesis)
  • virechana (Purgation)
  • Vasthy (administering the medicine through anal route)
  • Nasyam (nasal administration) and
  • Raktamokshana (blood letting).

    Diagnosing the disease and treating with suitable therapy will eradicate the disease from the root level. Along with these treatments many other methods are also advised to keep the body balanced. They are abhyangam at regular intervals, Sirodhara, elakkizhi, Kativasthy, Greeva pichu etc. These treatments are advised by the physician after having consultation with the person.

    “These therapies are intended not only to treat the disease but also help persons to stay fit and healthy”