Why choose us
Natural methods:
Ayurveda focuses mainly on prevention of disease and then alleviating the diseased by means of natural methods like emesis, purgation and nasal drops etc.
Qualified and experienced Doctor and staff :
Diagnosis is the first and important step in treating a disease. Proper diagnosis and selection of therapy along with drugs can only be achieved by intense training and experience only. Dr.Krishna kishore Alisetty, M.D(Ayurveda) underwent arduous training with gurus from different parts of country. Here all the staff is institutionally qualified and experienced.
0%side effects:
Ayurveda believes treatment should never create another disease. All the procedures and drugs are formulated in such a way that these methods consider human as a unit not the specific part or tissue. So, we treat human as a whole without causing damage to any other body part.
Authentic drugs
All the Ayurvedic medicines are prepared out of natural organic herbs and materials. Synthetic drugs manufactured inside the laboratory are not used. Even these natural products will also undergo intense purification and make the active principles to be absorbed thoroughly and completely. No free radicals are left behind. Multiple alkaloids will act as free radical scavengers and anti oxidants.